Be inspired and intentional to hear from Spirit in your life today!

I genuinely love people and have an amazing ability to see, hear and sense what words sometimes can't convey. There's no real way to express how sacred this experience is and from this place of grace and gratitude I fulfil my destiny by sharing the innate gifts I have so delightfully received. Delivering messages in a way that's intuitive, caring and sensitive; speaking with integrity, love and respect.

If you're open to Spirit and seeking something more, I'm here for you, let's do this together. Click on an image to discover more :)

Unique Truly Personal Gifts: 

Gift vouchers are a wonderfully personal treat that show thoughtfulness and generosity! Promptly forwarded to your email inbox for heartfelt giving. An awesome way to express the uniqueness of your gift, a bespoke luxury for Divine sharing.

Create a personal message for your giftvoucher and relish the delight of giving!

Filled with creative possibility; contributing to the well being, happiness and success of your loved one : )  Any special requests feel free to contact me.

The Universe supports us to live a life we love, Spirit invites us to receive gifted guidance!

Select your preferred option from those listed here, once your choice is made, you can complete your booking by clicking the image which takes you direct to PayPal.

Redeeming your Gift Voucher:

Once a gift recipient is ready to make a booking:

Log in and opt to "pay later" i.e. with the voucher. The appointment day and time is created, details will be confirmed.

I'm available 10:00-18:00 (GMT+8) by appointment.

Readings are in person (Dunsborough) or online via interactive video (Zoom, FB Messenger or Skype).

Any special requests feel free to contact me.

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