Illuminating Tarot Reading  $120 AUD (60 mins)

This reading uses two tarot decks and provides detailed insight about the major areas of life: you; your relationships; your home or the place that is your centre; your work, study, vocation or business; and your future. The tarot shows the past, present, future and overall influence or power operating for each of these areas of your life.

As the Spirit guides, your cards reveal what's most valuable for you to know now and opens the channel of communication for your highest good. You enjoy depth of clarity, enhanced understanding, new opportunities, personal empowerment, liberating choices, illumination, confirmation, healing, grace and love to embrace your life in a new way :)

Are you ready to hear the messages Spirit wishes to convey for you at this time?

Wanting more?! Realise your power in the experience of your life and achieving what you desire.

Embrace the luxury of an Illuminating 28 card tarot reading which explores further, revealing deeper wisdom, providing you empowerment.

Discover the treasure in a session with psychic guidance and your life's journey will ascend to another level.

Tap into the realm of possibility, realise your dreams for a life you love : )

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I'm available for bookings by appointment 9:00-17:00 (GMT+8) or as agreed.

Readings are in person (Dunsborough) or via interactive video (Zoom, FB Messenger, Skype), mobile phone call or emailed reading notes.

Redeeming your Gift Voucher:

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Any special requests feel free to contact me.

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