Reiki + Chakras Reading $120 AUD  (60 mins)

This reading highlights your nine closest energy centres and conveys messages about each chakra individually and your overall well being. Also during this time, you receive (direct or distant) Reiki healing, allowing Universal healing to flow into each of your chakras and wherever your body needs it most. Balanced chakras allow Divine energy to flow through us freely, as expressed through our vitality, health and way of being in life.  

Your Health: are you secure, grounded, balanced? are you open, intimate, passionate? are you at ease, with a positive self esteem? are you friendly, compassionate, harmonious? are you self expressed, speaking your truth? are you intuitive, insightful, perceptive? are you spiritual, unprejudiced, aware? These are indicators to know your chakras are balanced...

Are you sensing that you'd like healing or guidance for your whole being?

Reiki + Chakras 9 card tarot reading offers valuable insight into the power and influence of our energy in life.

 Plus receive the gift of Reiki energy healing; nurturing, clearing and aligning energy to improve your overall vitality.

 If you’re ready to feel peaceful and energised, blessed, empowered, flowing with positive energy, this is for you.

Tap into the realm of possibility, realise your dreams for a life you love : )

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I'm available 10:00-18:00 (GMT+8) by appointment.

Readings are in person (Dunsborough) or via phone call, or emailed reading notes or interactive video (Zoom, FB Messenger or Skype).

Redeeming your Gift Voucher:

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The appointment day and time is created, details will be confirmed.

Any special requests feel free to contact me.

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