Inspiring Tarot Reading $60 AUD  (30 mins)

This reading accurately shows the past, present and immediate future with a likely outcome or result, to your question or situation. It ultimately offers you clarity. It's a detailed reading that includes influencing factors and that which the Universe wants you to be aware of at this time. As your cards reveal, guidance empowers you to understand, choose, adapt, pursue your heart's desires.

Relationships: maybe you're thinking about being in relationship; or you're already in relationship and you'd like to wisdom about a specific outcome...

Career Vocation: perhaps you're contemplating study, a new role, your own business; or you've got important meetings, plans ahead that you desire insight about...

What do you most want guidance for that's happening now or in the near future?

Looking for enlightenment, support and encouragement to get the most as you engage with the ever changing landscape of your life?

Ask about love, relationships, family, career, lifestyle, vocation or whatever is most important. The 10 card Inspiring tarot reading offers understanding, inspiration, depth and clarity!

Embrace your opportunity with enthusiasm, book a reading today.

Tap into the realm of possibility, realise your dreams for a life you love : )

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I'm available 10:00-18:00 (GMT+8) by appointment.

Readings are in person (Dunsborough) or via phone call, or emailed reading notesor interactive video (Zoom, FB Messenger or Skype).

Redeeming your Gift Voucher:

Once a gift recipient is ready to make a booking:

Log in and opt to "pay later" i.e. with the voucher.

The appointment day and time is created, details will be confirmed.

Any special requests feel free to contact me.

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